How Do You Connect a Solar Panel to a Deep Cycle Battery?

In this beginner’s guide, I’m going to show you the ultimate basics of how to connect a solar panel to a deep cycle battery. And when I say basics, I mean BASICS (more basic than those solar power for dummies books). There won’t be any fancy terms or anything over-complicated (no talk about battery chemistry, … Read more

Can a 12 Volt Solar Panel Charge a 24 Volt Battery?

One thing you need to keep in mind when designing your off-grid solar system is that your solar panel array needs to produce a voltage that is larger than your battery banks’ voltage. So you’ll need to connect your solar panels in a series to get a higher voltage. (If you don’t know what that … Read more

Wiring in Parallel vs Series

While learning about solar panel systems, you’ll often hear the terms series and parallel when it comes to wiring batteries or solar panels together. Let’s look at both parallel and series connections separately. Parallel If you connect batteries or solar panels in parallel, it means that you connect all the positives together and all the … Read more