How Does Tesla’s Powerwall Gateway Work?

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So, you might be wondering what Tesla Powerwall Gateway is and how it works… in plain English.

Here’s the simplest way of describing what the Gateway does.

Typically, in most companies, the gateway is an ugly black box made of plastic or steel. Tesla’s Gateway is a contemporary-looking white panel made of glass.

In this gateway is an Internet-connected device that knows what’s going on as far as how much power your house is using.

It also detects the grid. The grid is the interconnected network, from a power company, that delivers electricity to your house.

When the grid goes out, the gateway almost instantly switches the Powerwall on. You’ll see a light flicker for not even a second. And, if you’re working on a desktop computer, it won’t shut it down and it’ll just kind of flicker a little bit and then just carry on.

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