Can Tesla Powerwall Be Installed Inside?

Tesla’s Powerwall will actually work better indoors due to less extreme temperature fluctuations. (Many people install them in their garage.)

Here are a few things you should consider when trying to find a spot to put your Powerwall.

Powerwall vs Space

The Powerwall (the battery) comes with a Gateway (the brains of the whole operation).

The gateway needs about 2 feet of width and 3 feet of height.

And the Powerwall itself requires 4 feet by 5 feet for each Powerwall and about 6 feet open in front of it.

Powerwall vs Electric Meter

Ideally, the Powerwall should be installed within 20 feet of the electric meter (but it’s still possible to install it further away).

Oustide vs Internet

You’ll also need a really good Wifi connection in the area of the Gateway or an available ethernet jack for a wired network connection.